Today’s workforce needs instant access to information anywhere and at anytime. To stay competitive, orgainsations are using enterprise applications that are accessible through mobile devices to drive business productivity and increase service response times.

Our mobility services at DMV can take care of all your communication needs amongst mobile phones and tablets. If your business is on the go, then naturally your communication and productivity devices should be to. In an era where wireless communication is a reality, people are no longer chained to their desks and yet calls are never missed.

Our range of mobile and wireless devices will connect your people via mobile telephony, tablets, data applications, Wi-Fi, DECT telephony and remote worker solutions that can be fully integrated or implemented alongside your existing infrastructure.

With an ever-increasing mobile workforce, connectivity to corporate applications and the management of multi-platform environments and BYOD policies, security and access to information becomes a major focus.

Our Mobile Device Management program ensures all your employees’ data on all devices is protected. Whether you are an Andriod or iOS user, our mobility specialists can assess your current and future telecommunication requirements.

Mobile solutions

Our solutions use the latest smart mobile devices to provide voice, video and data connectivity with your staff and customers.

  • Mobile Handsets
  • Apple iPads
  • Wireless modems
  • Truck phones
  • Car Kits and Accessories
  • Satellite Communications
  • Software Apps
  • Telstra Fixed Voice and Data
  • Accessories including protective cases, charges and headsets
  • IP Nurse Call systems on mobile devices.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

Smart phones

We offer the very latest Apple, Android, Windows handsets all of which offer the best experience on Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks.

Truck phones

DMV area able to supply through Azentro, who is a proud distributor of the Linehaul 247, the only true truck phone on the market. Contact us for a complete on-site installation service for vehicles.

IOS Devices

iOS is the Apple system used for their mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. This operating system allows you to run and integrate multiple applications seamlessly. Various applications allow you to connect with your device personally and professionally. There are thousands of applications that can assist you to increase your productivity, integrate information and contacts across multiple devices, and more, all with a touch of your thumb.

As a Business Partner for Apple, DMV offer all the available iPhone and iPad devices. For further information on the latest iOS devices, visit the Apple Website


Android Devices

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google for use with smartphones and tablet computers. Popular manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and Huawei use this operating system for their mobile devices. The Android platform is well known for being able to be manipulated and customised to the individual user.

DMV is a Samsung licensed business partner and can provide a range of device options, from the latest smartphone and tablet products to simple, cost-effective and user-friendly devices. More information about Samsung products can be found on their website. 

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is used to monitor, manage and secure your employees’ mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

How does it benefit your organisation?

An MDM system allows corporate information and data to be protected, with the ability to locate, lock, and wipe lost or stolen devices. MDM systems also providing the ability to change sensitive settings such as Wi-Fi passwords, configuration settings, and protected documents. This provides consistency on all mobile devices that are enrolled in this program, throughout your organisation, no matter where they are.

Apple DEP – Zero-touch configuration for IT.

With the Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP), large-scale deployments of iPad and iPhone are seamless. Automate mobile device management (MDM) enrolment for every device, so that when activated, they are immediately configured with account settings, apps, and access to corporate services over the air. There’s no need for staging services, and no need for IT to physically access each device to complete setup.

DMV are an authorised DEP and Apple reseller, meaning you are able to purchase Apple devices from us and we will automatically submit the serial numbers to your DEP.  For more information on this service, visit the Apple DEP website.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Integration

Whether your employees are provided with a device or using their own, we can provide you with the solution to suit your organisation’s mobility strategy. For IT professionals seeking to ensure corporate control and security of enterprise data and applications in a BYOD scenario, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can ensure corporate data and documents are secure while also meeting employees’ demand for freedom from enterprise constraints when using their personal devices.

Unified communications

The concept of one device for all your communications needs is very here and now. Unified communications give your staff access to the information they need wherever they are and ensures your people are available to connect and answer questions when your customers need them most. As a result your business can enjoy more flexible operations and better customer service.


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