The COVID-19 crisis has prompted a surge in employees working from home. While remote working has been popular ever since internet connectivity allowed for the fast, reliable exchange of large files, it’s now becoming a necessity for many organisations.

If your organisation is new to remote work, here are two key workplace communication trends that can help you successfully transition your employees.

1. Implementation of UCC tools

There are hundreds of protocols and apps that allow us to communicate across the internet, from email to remote conferencing tools. These communication tools are supported by project collaboration tools like calendars, scheduling and work groups, where discussions are scheduled, progress tracked and outcomes stored. These are all classified as Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools.

Networking device manufacturer Cisco and VoIP developer Mitel both specialise in UCC products. Together, they supply devices and software that support:

  • Video conferencing
  • Online meetings
  • Instant messaging
  • IP telephony
  • Data sharing
  • Voicemail
  • Email and SMS from any connected device.

As a Cisco and Mitel partner, DMV can use the products of these two technology giants to serve your business needs and keep your staff connected.

Workplace Communication Trends: Keeping in Touch in a Crisis / Data Mobility Voice

2. Ensuring security outside the office with VPNs

When staff use internal office networks there’s a controlled level of device standardisation and security. But what happens when everyone is connecting from home, using various laptops, PCs, browsers and ISPs?

One way to boost security is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These have the same level of security you find in a private network, but they connect workers to office-based servers and data over the internet.

They do this by using sophisticated authentication and encryption that creates a virtual tunnel through the internet, hiding your data inside. If any unauthorised person intercepts the data, it’s encrypted and of no use to them.

Packaged solutions for workplace communications

Using Cisco and Mitel products, DMV can create a custom package of telephony, collaboration, data transfer and VPN access to keep your staff in touch throughout the current COVID-19 crisis.

Whether you need bigger and better video conferencing, secure VPN or a way to transfer office phones to staff mobiles, DMV can provide the tools to get your staff working from home and staying happy and productive during the pandemic – and beyond.

Workplace Communication Trends: Keeping in Touch in a Crisis / Data Mobility Voice