Thanks to smart technology, it is possible for even the smallest business to connect online in a professional manner.

There’s no need to hire a video-equipped conference room or install cumbersome AV equipment. A laptop with a camera and the right software installed can connect you with anyone in world at the click of a button. You can even stay in touch when you’re on Christmas leave, just in case they can’t cope without your input!

It’s all about making flexible working practices part of your organisation’s culture through smart technology.

Flexible working practices with DMV

Globalisation means our closest collaborators and colleagues may not even be in the same country. Businesses are often decentralised and that makes face-to-face meetings impossible in many cases.

And sometimes a video conferencing isn’t necessary — all you need is a quick check on a detail that doesn’t warrant scheduling a conference.

The solution is Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C), which integrates real-time communication platforms. These include:

  • Audio/web/video conferencing;
  • Instant messaging;
  • Voice;
  • Fixed-mobile convergence;
  • Desktop sharing: and
  • Call control.

Flexible Working Practices for Small Business / Data Mobility Voice

Regardless of physical location, UC&C tools keep all the members of a team in touch, from Melbourne to Oslo.

No collaboration missed with flexible working

With UC&C there’s a huge choice in communication tools, with many ways to collaborate and confirm details that would otherwise be handled via email.

The idea that staff are always connected may sound constricting, but in fact it liberates people to give input outside office hours. Flexible working is all about what you do, not where you are.

The solution to a baffling project could strike a staff member while they’re waiting at an airport, at home Sunday night or on the way in to work.

By being able to connect with smart tools they can participate in work issues any time of the day. There’s also the advantage of being able to share files, screens and other data which could easily be missed over a phone call or text.

Flexible working practices are the key to making a small business operate like a top 10 one. By encouraging staff to remain connected, business owners can reap the benefits of technology. Contact us to find out how.

Flexible Working Practices for Small Business / Data Mobility Voice