Meetings should be a means to achieving goals; they should be what you do, not where you go.

Given that many workforces are spread out over several branches, sometimes globally, emphasis is on fast, efficient communication. No one wants to spend time travelling to meetings only to realise the time and associated costs could have been better spent elsewhere.

The alternative is using Cisco Webex video conferencing to attend meetings from wherever you happen to be. Let’s look at the benefits of this video conferencing platform.

The disappearing workplace

The future workplace won’t need to be a ‘place’ at all. Our apps, data, documents and contacts are portable thanks to the cloud. Video conferencing is how we contribute to decision-making or just stay in touch even if we’re on the other side of the planet.

Cisco Webex is a video conferencing platform that allows you to schedule meetings and connect with high definition audio and vision. In addition, the Webex Productivity Tool plug-in integrates with Microsoft Office, so you can launch a Webex meeting from the Outlook menu bar.

Webex also creates a permanent place to keep contacts, meeting histories and recordings. Connecting is as simple as clicking one button – no more searching through emails to find a meeting invite.

You can even learn about people you’re meeting for the first time with People Insights. This new Webex feature searches the web for information about attendees, including bios and recent news, professional history and key company info.

How to Use Cisco Webex / Data Mobility Voice

Cisco Webex – saving time and money

By using the Webex app on your phone, you can attend a meeting at the head office or whether you’re in Newcastle or New York. And apart from the convenience, the costs of travelling and accommodation for meetings are greatly reduced by video conferencing.

A 2017 three-month video conferencing trial at an Australian telecommunications company showed the financial benefits of video conferencing. In a recent financial year, the company had spent over $31 million on travel, with car hire and domestic air flights making up 70% of costs.

During the trial, video conferencing saved more than $62,000 in travel expenses. In the following year, after the implementation of a “nonessential business travel ban”, the company cut travel expenses by 40%.

Attending meetings in person has its advantages – people like to socialise after all. But when it’s not essential, Cisco Webex is a reliable alternative from a world leader in IT and network technology. Contact our team to find out more.

How to Use Cisco Webex / Data Mobility Voice