Today’s modern technology allows employees and team members to take their work with them anywhere, enabling them to work remotely from home, on the road or while visiting other company locations. Mobility serves to improve functionality and productivity, but as more mobile devices are used, this mobility creates a greater risk of security breaches.

The vulnerability to breaches is there, whether it is merely one or two mobile phones connected to your company network, or a whole fleet of mobile devices under an enterprise mobility management system. Usually, you only hear about the large data breaches that affect large companies and compromise hundreds of thousands of personal consumer records and information. In fact, data breaches occur nearly every day, affecting companies of all types, both large and small.

In the first half of 2016 alone, 974 data breaches were publicly disclosed, affecting a total of 554 million data records. When you consider the data breaches that went undetected or unreported, you will discover that the figure jumps far higher.

Do Your Mobile Devices Expose Your Network to Potential Security Threats? / Data Mobile Voice

Adding security to your mobile devices

Security begins with you and your employees:

  • First, employees need to be trained to create secure passwords for their mobile devices, and to never allow unauthorised users to gain access to those devices.
  • Second, when outside the office, in the home or in the field, mobile devices must always be kept secure and never left unattended, to reduce the chances of theft.
  • Third, work involving sensitive information should not be conducted using a public network. Experienced hackers can easily access and retrieve private data by hijacking the signal.

Improving security with an enterprise mobility system

For organisations with fleets of mobile communications devices (phones, tablets, telemetry devices etc.), an enterprise mobility system is perfect for integrating and automating all aspects of mobile communications. Most importantly, an advanced enterprise mobility system, such as Bluewater, a cloud software system, can vastly enhance security.

With a wide range of flexible security settings for both users and management, team leaders and business owners can add and remove users without any hassles, change user passwords, allow user-based permissions and authorisations, and far more. Additionally, with the ability to view mobile fleet data in real-time, you can easily keep an eye on any potential security threats and issues, plus do your best to prevent any data breaches.

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Do Your Mobile Devices Expose Your Network to Potential Security Threats? / Data Mobile Voice