As the technological world reinvents itself to offer faster and better systems, so must your business. In the logistics game, having a productive fleet can make or break your profit margins. So what are the considerations for running a corporate fleet management system?

As any fleet manager would know, there’s plenty to think about. Priorities ought to zero in on important tasks such as tracking fuel efficiency, maintaining proper licensing, work safety, work order fulfillment – and much more.

Considerations for running a Corporate Fleet Management System / Data Mobility Voice

So one of the first considerations for running a Corporate Fleet Management System would be to find a streamlined solution. Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR was made for the task. It’s the central hub for the systems that a fleet manager requires. Here’s an outline of some of its most practical features:

  • The GPS tracking feature allows you to navigate the most efficient routes to job sites, saving you fuel and getting the task done faster, potentially saving time and providing happier customers.
  • You can keep tabs on your fleet as you’ll have a real-time knowledge of where they are and their times from job to job. The easy-to-use platform encourages a stronger fleet by determining patterns and providing your business with worthwhile information on how you can save time and money.
  • It has a calendaring tool which can help you set maintenance schedules based on engine hours or odometer readings
  • It can program services such as: oil changes, realignments, brake inspections, tyre rotation and fluid checks
  • Its hardware can connect directly to the JBUS or OBD-II port to gain diagnostic information and the appropriate fault codes direct from the engine. You can work out the problem and have it fixed quickly, getting your vehicles out on the road and back to being an income earning asset.
  • It will register your fuel usage patterns and display data to assist fleet managers in making required changes, saving your business money on fuel costs
  • It can provide real-time automatic updates and alerts on vital fleet activities so you can make informed decisions.

In a time sensitive industry, DIRECTOR streamlines the process from beginning to end. From customised messages to the detail required for difficult jobs to proof of delivery, it’s a corporate fleet management system that’s both a cost and a time saver. And surely all of these important factors ought to be your primary considerations for successfully and smoothly operating a corporate fleet management system.

To find out more about Corporate Fleet Management Systems and how it fits into your business, speak with one of our ICT consultant here. Or download this free eBook on GPS Tracking for more information.

Considerations for running a Corporate Fleet Management System / Data Mobility Voice