Business success and profitability is undoubtedly connected to the operational efficiency within a business. In the time sensitive and cut-throat world of transport and logistics, automated business systems provide management with real-time data for informed, safe, practical and efficient decisions to be made.

Think of it as the ideal way to be proactive within the business, rather than be reactive.

GPS fleet management software is a clever, easy way to drive efficiency, improve communication and streamline the workflow of dispatch teams.

Dispatch Management

DIRECTOR is GPS fleet management software that gives dispatchers correct information any time they need it. Saving time, but without cutting corners on safety in the logistics business, is vital to the success of daily operations. It is a simple equation: the greater amount of time you save, the smoother your operation becomes, and the more profit you make.

With automated task management and workflow capabilities, DIRECTOR looks after the routing process of both straightforward and complex deliveries in an efficient and profitable manner.

This gives dispatchers time to be decisive, strategic, and proactive as they work, which can only help the overall performance of the business.

Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions

Information should be easy to understand and consistent. Dispatchers and fleet managers don’t have the luxury to decipher unclear data at their leisure. They want to know straight away where their transport is, what the status is on jobs and what their drivers are achieving.

GPS fleet management software provides just that. A dashboard that gives an overview of all the goings-on in the business on one screen. If management need to know more about a specific area or subject, a few easy clicks will pull up the data they require in real-time.

You can tailor the dashboard and reporting to suit your business. You can program the system for key stakeholders to be automatically emailed or texted specific information or tasks to be actioned.

When the right person within the business has access to clear and efficient data, informed decisions can be made on the go without compromising either customer service, safety and profitability.

Driving Efficiency in your Business with GPS Fleet Management Software / Data Mobility Voice

Zeroing in on profitable jobs

A GPS fleet management system allows a business to be proactive about key efficiencies. When fleet managers have detailed information about where, how and why their fleet of vehicles are being used, they can quickly determine which drivers, routing, deliveries and jobs are profitable and just as importantly, which ones are not!

Real-time alerts and updates in the system can help outline many different events such as: speeding, idling, harsh acceleration and turning, and compliance violation. This gives a fleet manager the opportunity to get on the front foot and not only provide training to drivers that need it, but create training to focus on specific skills upgrades, meaning less time in training for drivers and more time back on the road.

Maintenance and fuel use are two of the biggest costs in the logistics game. The Vehicle Analytics function within DIRECTOR provides fleet managers with information that helps them work out better budget requirements and be more proactive about maintenance and fuel.

Vital services such as fluid checks, tyre rotations and brake inspections can be entered into an automated maintenance schedule, based on engine hours or odometer readings.

Being able to monitor the vehicle status and engine diagnostics of an entire fleet in this way means vehicles are running at maximum efficiency and are out on the road more as an income earning asset.

Better planning and development

Connecting all the elements and data within a business gives you the opportunity to work at a highly strategic level, allowing for better business planning and development.

DIRECTOR’s Business intelligence tool combines the data from DIRECTOR with back-office platforms. The software can connect vehicle and driver information with payroll, taxation and billing, collating all-important data together in a way that is easy to process and digest.

Exploring all operations of your business leads to better results in savings and improved productivity.

Finding ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency is the best way to grow a business. A fleet management system will do just that by giving you real-time data to make educated and informed decisions.

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Driving Efficiency in your Business with GPS Fleet Management Software / Data Mobility Voice