A modern collision avoidance system for heavy vehicles will provide your cars with strategically placed multi-vision smart cameras and interior display modules to alert the driver both visually and audibly if a pedestrian, other vehicle or cyclist is in the driver’s blind spot.

Hazardous road conditions

It is not easy driving a heavy vehicle which often has to deal with freeway driving at high speeds to then having to slow down very fast to contend with bumper-to-bumper traffic in the city and built up areas.

This is when accidents can happen as it only takes less than three seconds for a driver to be distracted and more than 85 per cent of accidents occur as a result.

Importance of safety

As with any heavy vehicle, safety on the road is vital. Not only must the heavy vehicle driver be aware of often tricky and varied road conditions, they must also be alert to other vehicles, pedestrians, blind spots, motorbikes and cyclists as well as unforeseen mishaps like someone running out on the road between two parked cars. In 2017, nearly 16 per cent of all Australian road deaths involved heavy vehicles.

Why your business needs this

By lowering your heavy vehicle accidents every year, you reduce the cost and claims associated with those incidents and lower insurance and maintenance costs which can be hefty.  Heavy vehicle fleet safety for your business is about ensuring your enterprise is safer, more efficient, more productive and cost-effective.

Collision avoidance for heavy vehicles / Data Mobility Voice

Image recognition

This collision detection system also has image recognition software which means it prevents any unnecessary warnings to drivers, as they can become desensitises to those warnings over time.

What Mobileye Shield + does instead is only alert drivers if a collision is about to occur with vulnerable road users, not inanimate objects.

The central features of Mobileye Shield+, which can be retrofitted to any heavy vehicle, are:

  • Pedestrian and cyclist collision warning
  • Forward collision warning
  • Headway monitoring warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Speed limit Indicator

Drivers’ habits noted

Also included in this collision avoidance system is a full telematics system which can report all warnings made by the Mobileye System to your fleet management system, thereby giving fleet managers some worthwhile data about their drivers’ daily driving behaviour.

To find out more about Mobileye for your fleet, contact one of our ICT Consultants here.

Collision avoidance for heavy vehicles / Data Mobility Voice