You may have already received notifications about this: many Australian businesses will need to make plans to move to Business Grade NBN if they want internet access or a landline. What we have at the moment such as ISDN2 and ISDN2 Enhanced is being discontinued. This is why your business needs to be ready for NBN business grade.

Fast-tracked progress

The fact is we need faster broadband, this is a shift that is occurring globally. This will enable companies and businesses to offer new products and services to its clients, fast-track new market openings and offer services not just in Australia but anywhere in the world.

Brand awareness

What’s more, once businesses have embraced business grade NBN, they have noticed that faster internet can improve their customers’ online experience. With the help of fast internet, many businesses are thereby able to expand their product and services reach to the world. It’s a brilliant way to raise brand awareness in new markets.

Work smarter in the cloud

Another benefit is that high-speed broadband goes hand in hand with cloud-based services. This will give you the chance to work smarter with instant access to staff, customers, and suppliers either in the office or at home on any connected device. Not only that – business grade NBN has the potential to boost the productivity of your existing staff.

Office communications

Business grade NBN will also enable speedy video conferencing. Anytime your workers need to connect with other staff, customers or suppliers, they will be able to do so without getting up from their desk with the right technology or they will be able to video conference anywhere from a mobile device or tablet, saving you travel costs and time away from the office.

New territory

With fast broadband, a business that is based in a remote part of the country may no longer feel on the outer. Instead you will be able to offer a more proactive customer service experience and be more responsive on social media, forums, or websites. Those who previously have had a hard time, due to poor internet connections, are now making leaps and bounds into new territory to achieve local and global success.

Keep abreast of rollout changes

The rollout of the business grade NBN means change. What you have relied on as your means of communication, in the form of phone systems, may no longer be compatible with new technologies. Keep in mind that your business’s existing landline phone service will need to be reviewed if you currently use it as your main means of communication. That is because services such as ISDN will soon be made redundant.

Why your business needs to be ready for NBN business grade / Data Mobility Voice

To find out more about the business grade NBN and if any of the connections you currently have will be phased out, please speak with voice and IT specialists here.