When it comes to vehicle tracking systems, compliance is hardly front of mind.

Compliance – it has to be the most unpopular word in the logistics game.

It may have a variety of definitions but in administrative terms, it usually means countless days of work which take up your employees’ time and cuts into your bottom line. Those resources could be used elsewhere in the business, helping your profit margins.

Mistakes do happen, that’s part of being human, but when compliance is involved you can’t rely on human nature, so it helps to have a great system to boost the safety of your workforce.

Why your Fleet Manager can’t be everywhere

Face facts. The truth is your Fleet Managers can’t do everything on their own. They’ve got the activities of your drivers to monitor and ensure that everything is in place.

While your Fleet Manager is focusing on their requirements, adapting to new legislation (and dealing with reams of paperwork) can easily pile high on the to-do list. With proper systems in place, there is the security that the workflow will be automated. This takes the pressure off an already stressful job.

Better Business Decisions which don’t compromise on safety

How often do you see it in on the nightly news? To save a few dollars here and there, less than reputable companies will put their staff in all sorts of dangerous situations to get the job done.

More than anything, vehicle tracking systems were designed to protect against that. With the help of tracking you’ll know everything in your operation is above board. If it isn’t, you’ll have the necessary proof to make the necessary decisions to keep your employees safe.

Tracking helps to assist, with Driver behaviour

Things happen in any business – not everything goes to plan. Sometimes you are told that drivers are doing the job you have hired them to do and are complying with OHS legislation. But in a real sense they may not even know they are not compliant. If there is a resultant personnel injury or asset damage it is really too late and fruitless to be apportioning blame. Prevention is by far the best model.

With the aid of a vehicle tracking system, you can ensure that the behaviour of your employees is regulated and therefore compliant. Vehicle tracking systems can help you speedily check the whereabouts of your drivers and provide full telemetry reports of your vehicles over time.

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